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There are times that clients may need a little more than just a website design. Sometimes it is not just the development of a new website, but also strategies and tactics to drive traffic to the website as well as convert them as new customers.

For this, we offer a set of specific skills we call monkey brains. We can provide a variety of digital tactics to engage, drive and convert clients.

No simply search engine optimization, Monkey Brains offers the expertise of nearly three decades in professional communication, cutting-edge digital offerings and affordable and precise methods to reach the specific audience for your product or service.


Monkey Works Creative is a leading provider of intuitive artificial intelligence solutions help businesses increase their productivity. Our flagship product, PrimeAI, is designed to help clients develop effective content strategies that leverage influencers, social media, and other digital channels. With our focus on strategy development, we help businesses harness the power of AI to create compelling content that resonates with their target audience.



  • Digital Marketing

  • Artificial Intelligence Strategy (Prime-AIt)

  • AI Voice Over

  • Audience Identification

  • Audience Targeting

  • Developing a strategic communications plan to engage consumers and drive traffic to your website

  • Build a campaign funnel to identify, target and engage consumers as well as re-target post engagement

  • Develop e-mail marketing campaigns

  • Craft social media strategies and solutions

  • Build digital advertising campaigns to increase traffic to your website

  • Analytic creation and interpretation

  • Pixel tracking

  • DemoFencing

  • Website A&B Testing

  • Analytics Interpretation

  • Competitive Analysis

  • Digital Advertising

  • GeoTargeting

  • GeoFencing

  • DemoTargeting

  • Online reputation curation

  • Current website audit

  • Collaborate with other marketing entities to boost engagement from a digital perspective

  • Video production for web and social media use

  • Audio production for web, social media and podcast


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