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About US

Monkey Works Creative launched in 2021. Although a fairly new company, the leadership has been crafting the evolution of website design, social media engagement and digital marketing since 1997! A full-service digital agency, Monkey Works Creative provides services ranging from website design and development, online digital audits, digital marketing and advertising, sales funnel architecture and much more. Most importantly, our team is here to be a solid and practical partner amidst a sea of fast-talking, generation-centric agencies.

Chief Monkey Officer, Tony Vann

Monkey Works Creative partners with a number of businesses and community organizations who want assistance in evolving their brands within the destination marketing, outdoor recreation, and science and biotech industries, and energy sectors growing critical digital infrastructure and footprint.

The core of our company is based about pushing back and rejecting those "other agencies" who use code talking, buzz words and nonsensical wisdom to make you, the client, feel less than adequate. Those are the opportunities we enjoy teaching, explaining and sharing our knowledge, experience and reasoning with the client as a partner, not a paycheck, during the digital marketing process.



Provide industry-leading digital services easily understood by our clients.

We use decades of experience to offer the best counsel when we provide opportunities for client success. We also use those years of experience to engage and build a relationship with our clients.


Intuitive. Well designed. Affordable. ManageableEnjoyable.

Our websites are state-of-the-art, responsive and easily updated by our clients. We want to partner with each customer to ensure they are aware and understand the methods and options available to them.

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